2017 Fall Bonus Survey and Giveaway

Tell us how you did. Get free stuff.

This quick survey is just for us to get a bit of feedback and data about your success with ACATestPrep! We’re hoping to create some motivational and marketing material with the data gathered here. We’re getting your username just to verify accidental double entries in the form so we don’t skew the results!


Here are the prizes we’ve got for you guys!

  1. Most certifications – $200 Amazon Gift Card to use for your program
  2. Best student to certification ratio – $100 Amazon Gift Card to use for your program
  3. Random Giveaways- SIX (6) $25 Amazon Gift Cards to use for your programs

We will be collecting entries until Sept 1, 2017- so fill it out now while you still have last year’s numbers handy!

So if you entered at the beginning of the summer and didn’t win that time around, PLEASE enter again for a chance to win!

What is your teacher username on ACATestPrep? We'll contact the email for this account to notify winners!
Please make a selection using the menu.
How many students took your class that were given training for the ACA?
This can be higher than your total student load if students got more than 1 certification!
Click and select the most appropriate answer. We love you guys, and we hope you love us back!

We will notify winners using the email in your account- you can check your email for this account in your profile page.

If you can’t get to it- it may be because you’re logged in as a student instead of as the teacher. Login without -stu in the username and use your password that you entered when you joined.

Wanna double your chances to win?

Make a public tweet bragging about your success and use the hashtag #ACATP17 in your tweet! Below are a couple example tweets you can use- but feel free to get creative!!! Just be sure to use the #ACATP17 hashtag!

My students earned XXX @AdobeACA certifications this year using ACATestPrep.com from the @brainbuffet team!  #ACATP17

We used ACATestPrep.com from @brainbuffet to get XX @AdobeACA certifications in our very first year!  #ACATP17

Using ACATestPrep.com from @brainbuffet, our @AdobeACA certifications increased 300% this year!  #ACATP17

If you tweet out your results, we’ll see it! We’re monitoring the #ACATP17 hashtag on twitter!

Facebook Users: You can also post to Facebook, but you’ll need to like us on Facebook and post on our page!! You can mention our facebook page in your post using @brainbuffetdotcom! All entries sharing your success using ACATestPrep.com to certify your students gets an entry in the contest and will be notified through the account posting your success story on our page.