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2.  A new user with a good username in mind.
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Avoid Change Fees:

If you’re getting an account with STUDENT logins- your account username is shared with the students! Students will have the same username that you choose here with “-stu” at the end.


If you sign up with username
then students login as

You should NEVER enter -stu on the signup page anywhere- and you should be comfortable with the students having to enter this username every single time they need to sign in.


DO NOT enter “-stu” manually on this page anywhere for usernames or passwords!!!


  1. Make it generic- it’s shared with all users of your account.
  2. Make it short- easy to type and remember.
  3. Avoid spaces and special characters.
  4. DO NOT add “-stu” to the username! 

If you require a username change, you will need to pay a $50 username change fee if you encounter errors by not following these guidelines.