Here’s a winter update! Photoshop CC15 is up and done. We’re adding quizzes and lesson plans- coming soon. I’m kinda spread thin as I’m also working on recording and editing the Illustrator tutorials.

We are also working on helping increase site speed… lots of work happening behind the scenes in this regard. After winter break, things should be speedier around here.

Animate is coming in the next month or two, but Joseph says the Flash tutorials should work fine. Some things will be shifted around, but that’s just common now with CC- things change fast, and you’ll need to learn to adjust to this new even faster changing world! Check out the intro video on Photoshop… that’s the new normal! Some people think the changes in Flash/animate are bigger because of the name change, but actually- there was so much around the rebranding that the actual app changes are less than many of the other staples (like PS, AI, PR, etc..)