Ok… this one largely video. Check out the last update to get some tech details on what’s happening here, but there’s a lot of change to prep for some requested features and such that is largely invisible to you… details inside!

Got 10 minutes? Check out the video below to see what’s happening here at ACATP! Feel free to leave comments if you have some input on how we can help make things better for your classes!

If you want to quickly scan a lot of this- check out the last update. This video shows the features and also talks about our strategies…

Quick summary:

Videos are being served faster and we have added features that help students control the delivery more including speed controls and also prepping for Closed Captioning (no promises on when CC will be available, still trying to figure it out.)

Curriculum Updates:

  • Dreamweaver– just updated, if you moved to CC17, new video helps understand the big interface update. We prep for the CC15 exam since there is no CC17 exam- we update when the exams do, not the software.
  • Illustrator– Being recorded now for CC15.
  • Premiere– being rebuilt for CC15… will keep you posted. It’s mostly done. Expect it my april, but the current stuff is fine. We’re just reorganizing- Joe has some great ideas on structure we’re trying out!
  • Print Apps (PS, AI, ID)– There will most likely be new exams and objectives rolling out for next school year, so we’re kinda waiting to see what’s happening.
  • Animate CC– being recorded now. New exam just rolled out and we’re on it!

The Teacher’s Lounge is getting built out- more details in the video, but it’s a teacher’s only zone for lesson plans, sample files, etc.

Quizzes and lesson plans will be available for all apps next year, but it will be in a higher tier. Once they’re all done we’ll make the new tiers and current subscribers will all get the tier upgrade for the remainder of their subscription! New subscribers can decide if they want just the videos as in the past (at current prices) or the new tier which will include lesson plans, quizzes, etc. We suspect it will only be a couple hundred dollars a year extra- less than $1 a student added annual cost.