Thanks for checking out the State of ACATestPrep’s Summer 2018 Address!

This year we are making some MAJOR changes. We have grown past our initial capacity (which is basically me trying to be all things) and need to make changes to keep things afloat. Most of this is great news and honestly, I don’t think anyone will be disappointed (well, there’s always that one guy or girl…).

Quick Summary:

GMetrix Partnership: We have a new partnership with Gmetrix and will have our tutorials available within the Gmetrix platform for you to integrate with the Practice Tests. We are glad to finally be able to offer you a single login for tutorials and practice tests, student tracking, etc. with this partnership!

MOSTestPrep is coming! The videos are done, and being uploaded now! MOSTestPrep will be available for next school year- initially through Gmetrix, but then also at a reduced price through Brainbuffet’s website later (we’re totally restructuring everything over there.)

CC18 Videos will be developed when the exam is out: One of the things that sets us apart is that we constantly update content. When we hear from you that we need to add something to address an exam concept that we were too skimpy on, we fix that. Right now, our CC15 exam prep covers all the objectives, but we will most likely need to adjust emphasis later. This can only happen after we hear from you that an exam concept is not covered adequately. We then re-record, or re-adjust our training to make sure it’s what you are asking for! So for now, out of the gate in 2018, we recommend using the CC15 videos.


Big Dreams

The thing that really gets me stoked is kids having fun learning. That’s honestly my core motivation for everything I do. I recently found a partner that should be able to build everything I’m hoping for- A fully Gamified LMS that includes the ability to purchase and include “missions” for the students that have our training for the ACA or MOS embedded. Students can get badges within the system and without, and everyone in the system will be able to create, share, and borrow lessons from the other people using the system. We will use the best brain science on human motivation to get the kids engaged and learning the content they need. This will be a one-stop-shop for all student learning and exam preparation!

It’s in it’s early stages and there’s a way to go- but this is what I want to do. Helping students pass the ACA or MOS is a big deal, and I love hearing from teachers and kids that are enjoying success there and having fun learning- but more important than passing the exams is the “having fun learning” part. If we can coordinate all of this together- we win. The big win. The one that leads to happier teachers and students that are truly having more fun learning or teaching than ever before, and teaching kids to love the kid in the mirror.

Let’s face it- watching the news these days is damn depressing. We need to do something to help kids find meaning and learn to think critically. And thinking critically is a hard habit to develop. It isn’t a lesson, but a lifestyle. It’s constantly learning to take feedback, listen to opposing views, and being willing to be wrong this time (when you are) so you can be right next time. It’s not winning an argument, it’s learning to not be blinded by your own biases and blindspots.

I want this more than anything else. I want to leave a happy dent in the world. I’m looking for teachers to join me… Who’s in?

Options for Next Year:

Gmetrix Integration: Definitely happening. Will be a little more expensive, but you guys will get what you’ve been asking for- Student tracking and just a single login for all your students for tutorials and practice tests.

Classic ACATestPrep: Same experience as now, but without the practice quizzes most likely for our new exams. The current system is broken and we’re not wanting to invest much more. This will be like a type subscription at reduced prices.

Gamified ACATestPrep (?): We have found a new possible partner to make all our dreams come true: A fully gamified program that provides all the training, quizzes, student tracking you want- PLUS a fully gamified curriculum system that includes all of our projects and extension projects you can include or leave optional for students, ability to post and share lesson plans/projects with other teachers, and a set of ready-made curriculum written by the brainbuffet team that will be updated with new projects every month covering Adobe and Microsoft software extending past the exam software (Spark, One Note, Lightroom, Audition, etc.). This is in its infancy and is my ultimate dream- but I think we found a partner for this that can make it happen. We’ll keep you posted.