2017 Back to School Troubleshooting Guide

Solve beginning of year issues
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This quick special edition of the newsletter is a quick update on a frequent problem at the beginning of the year, as well as some updates that arrived much faster than expected! I’ll be short as we really mean to keep newsletters down to just one or two a quarter.


Solving the Login Warning Issue.

This happens at the beginning of every year, and the solution is to aggressively clear the cache on your computers. There’s an article at the top of the HELP PAGE that will walk you through this.  Changing the Student password can also help with this as it will force the browser to generate a new key for the site. But be sure to AGGRESSIVELY delete the cache. This means deleting EVERYTHING, to the beginning of time, even the stuff you think shouldn’t matter. After clearing the cache, reboot the machine.

Also, if your students have individual logins, you’ll need to do this for every student, every period. If they change computers, they’ll need to do it again. The cache for the browser is saved on the individual computers for each user that has logged in. So every person that logs into a computer, and every computer they log into needs to have this process done.

CHANGING THE STUDENT PASSWORD CAN HELP, since it will generate a new key. You should clear the cache as well, and change the password before any students try it- and that should fix the problem.

If that’s the case in your district, you’ll need to put in a work order. In the mean time, try having the students login using an incognito/private browser tab. That creates a temporary cache that the browser can use. If the problem is solved in an incognito window, it’s definitely related to your browser cache. IT might need to get involved to solve the problem if you can’t do it using the instructions on the help page.

Report how awesome you are and win free stuff.

We had a survey at the beginning of the summer, and we were asking for reports of student success. We had a small showing in the survey, so we’re going to run another smaller one.

Enter The Contest to Win!

CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE NEW FALL SURVEY FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN UP TO $200 FOR YOUR PROGRAM! You need to be logged in as the teacher account to enter. 

Here are the results of the summer survery:

Falmouth College in England- Most Certifications- $400
Falmouth had 441 certifications for 470 students, certifying 93.8% of their students this year! Excellent work, and great numbers!

Mt. Pleasant High- Highest Certification Pass Rate – $300
Mt Pleasant High in North Carolina had 179 certifications for only 65 students!!  That’s a pass rate of 275% of the enrolled students- a truly impressive pass rate! Way to go Tigers!

Random Winners by username – $50 each
We also had a random drawing for people that entered their results in the survey- here are those winners, each of which won a $50 gift card to use for their programs:

Mr. Engelhardt – Belleview High School
Mr. D’Amato – McFatter High
Mrs. Shinault – Rockledge High
Mr. Dulaney – Morgan High
Mr Stahl – Poston Butte High

Mr. Armstrong – Ridgeview High


Quick Updates that have been uploaded in the last 3 weeks:

INDESIGN CC15 TUTORIALS– 70% done, project 4 is uploaded, we are building pages today.
AFTER EFFECTS- BOOM!!! We have After Effects tutorials!
PREMIERE CC REFRESH– These tutorials work for all versions of the exams. We have just added to the original tutorials and rearranged a bit.
ANIMATE UPDATES We’ll be uploading a new project to Animate to cover the interactive and app development concepts by our new amazing curriculum contributor Jess! Give us a couple days to have them uploaded, linked, and pages built.

PREMIERE CC17 HELP– Updated to CC17 and confused? We’ve got ya covered in this set of tutorials about changes. There is no CC17 ACA exam, so we will keep the tutorials as they are. Our goal is to prep for the real exams- so we only update when the exams do, and we teach using the exam versions whenever possible.

On The Horizon: 
We’ll have the lesson plans all uploaded by Oct 01 we suspect (probably sooner) and quizzes across the board are expected the same time. Quizzes are VERY time consuming to create and won’t be early, but we’re working as fast as we can. Quizzes will also be only for the CC15 versions of the tutorials, we won’t be moving backwards to backfill older versions.