Welcome Back For The 2018-2019 School Year!

This year's focus? Weekly, if not daily help for your classroom.

Welcome Back, Everyone!

I am SUPER excited about this year! This first newsletter will be the first in a series to help you get started with the new school year. I do plan on sending out one a week. If anything, it will probably be less than that- I am super sensitive to filling teacher’s email inboxes- I know you guys are busy!!

BUT, if I can send you free stuff that you can use RIGHT NOW, to get the kids rolling and getting creative, I want to share those resources. So anything you get this month will be super useful, and helpful today in your classroom. And if you’re swamped, no problem, they’ll be archived for you to access at any time.

I’ll probably also be sending a super quick form you can fill out if you’d like a voice on what I prioritize for you guys and your students this year. I’ve had some real eye-opening things happening personally and with Brainbuffet, and I’m doubling down on my commitment to serve students and teachers this year and supporting you.

On the right sidebar, check for the page shown in the video under Orientation Projects. I’m a little swamped right now, but there are a bunch of resources in my old classroom orientation that will be helpful for you guys, especially if you want to think about how to add some game theory/gamification to your classes!

You can also click the button for my old lesson plans- the ones on the Elements and Principles have E&P at the beginning of the title- check those out first (and in order!).

That’s all for now- I’m swamped filling orders to get you guys rolling with ACATestPrep and also trying to get going with some free videos you guys can use as Bellringers/DoNow projects. Check the newsletter next week or just come back here to find the newest info!