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Illustrator CC 2015

Vector Joy


Project 1 - Intro

Illustrator 1- Intro to Illustrator CC15!

Get the low-down on Illustrator. How it works, how to set it up, and how to be super cool like me.


Project 2 - Basics

Illustrator 2- Illustrator Basics

Learn the basics of Illustrator, how to use these super cool tools to create totally original art- straight from your noggin to the screen!

Digging deeper with Shapes:


Project 3 - Logos and Design

Illustrator 3- Logos and Design

Learning about design is life changing. You begin to see things in terms of visual design, and you’re so much more aware of all the great beauty and design around you. This series mixes some great tips on creativity and design, and build a logo at the same time!

  • 301- Setup – Set up a new document and quick review of critical shortcuts I’ll use often.
  • 302- Path and Pen Problems – The pen tool is weird. We’re skipping it for now- but in case you get stuck, here’s the way out.
  • 303- Interface Learning Tricks – Use this trick to learn the panel icons when you’re getting started!