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  1. make the volume on the videos louder the quality sounds very dim. hard to hear at times but overall great videos!

    • Thanks a ton, and yep- great tip! We’ve set up sound guidelines now for us to calibrate our videos as we record them. We’ll be sure to get them loud and clear in ALL future videos!

  2. make a few flash tutorials

    • Your Wish, Our Command!!! Joseph Labrecque created some AMAZING flash tutorials for us!

  3. make a summary page of the tutorials for people that understand better by seeing rather than hearing

    • Good tip! We’re looking into software that will actually add closed captioning. We’re definitely looking into how to help people with different learning styles!

  4. Hey Schwartz! Still a huge fan. It’s amazing to see how far you guys have come with this.
    Just curious are you planning on having the project quizzes on all projects for all of the applications?

    • Yes! Not sure how long it will take because the team is writing a series of books for Adobe Press! So we’re swamped until November 15 for sure, but planning updates when the new tests get out there and we start getting questions about concepts that aren’t covered in the earlier versions of the tutorials. Stay Tuned!

  5. Adobe Audition projects. Also a redundant server if the main one goes down, which it does at times. It brings things to a standstill when that happens.

    • Well, we won’t add audition as there is no Adobe Certified Associate exam for it, that’s all this site is for- HOWEVER, we will add it to our list of FREE tutorials at brainbuffet.com! We’re wrapping up a couple other projects and then working on adding to bb.com soon!

      As for redundant servers- already in place! Sometimes it is just a server error or some part of the DNS chain that gets messed up for users. That’s normally the case when the site is intermittent… it’s not necessarily our servers, but servers inbetween that are grumpy.

  6. Hi. My students worked in InDesign the first semester, and are now working with Photoshop. I would love to see practice quiz questions incorporated with the InDesign projects like you have incorporated them with Photoshop. It really helps with pertinent information.

    • Agreed, and we’re working on having them for all the titles next school year! We’re playing with a couple different versions of testing software to see which works best, then we’ll roll them out!

  7. Would you ever consider an option to use these resources in a format like Blackboard? I’d love to be able to embed the videos right into my class Blackboard page and then create quizzes and grading rubrics to accompany each section. The students move at different paces so it would be helpful to have more concrete assessments built in. As a teacher, is there a way to get permission to use the content in this way? If so, I’d be happy to share the result back with you to use.

    • Thanks for the input! We’ve looked into it, but the security software we have that protects the videos from download keeps them from working within Blackboard. What you can do for sure is link to each video page directly. Once you’re logged in, the links to the pages will work just fine! From there, you can integrate as you wish!

      The process of loading everyone’s classes into blackboard, having each student have their own login, etc… is simply more work than most prefer- and would bump our prices significantly. We prefer our lean mean approach to keep the pricing MUCH more affordable than our competitors!! 🙂

  8. I love the practice tests in the Photoshop series. I would love to see practice tests for Illustrator and InDesign

    • Coming soon! It’s a TON of work, and it will probably be part of a second-level subscription so we can keep prices low for the tutorials only, and then a slight add-on price for unlimited testing.

      We’re experimenting with other ways to give you guys more options on the tests, too… like a large final test that covers it all. That’s on the Radar after getting PS and AI CC both up to speed!

  9. Make a video on if you get rid of the measurements on the workspace how to get it back.

    • Hey! The interface stuff can all be found in the same menu- get the answer to your specific question in this one from the new PSCC15 videos! https://acatestprep.com/photoshop/ps15-104/

  10. Was wondering if you had any way to evaluate that they have gone through the tutorials etc. in Illustrator?

    Just checking?

    • Sure- Illustrator is the easiest to check for this… just look at their work! They should be using their own initials, words, ideas, and shapes when creating the documents. If two projects look identical- that’s a sign that something’s fishy. 😉

  11. Subtitles on the videos or a subtitles option.

    • We’re looking into how to make this happen! Thanks for the H/U!

  12. It would be great if each software had a pre-test bank for each chapter like the photoshop one does. This helps out teachers to access pre knowledge and students to gain an understanding of what they have learned. In our class we take the practice test, learn the videos, do practical practice in the classroom and then take the test again. We have to get all of the answers correct before moving forward to the next chapter. Just my thoughts thanks!

    • In the works… but don’t expect tests for every single project until the 17-18 school year. We might be early, but that’s when we know for SURE they’ll all be in!

  13. After Effects Tutorials and how to implement After Effects items with Premiere!

    • I hear ya!!! AE is def the coolest app from Adobe- it’s like Photoshop in motion! Love it! But since there’s no ACA for it, we’re going to hand you off to AMAZING and FREE tutorials that we learned from! check out videocopilot.net

  14. I am trying to create an assessment rubric for each project. Is there an outline that lists what tools are covered in each project and a before and after image?

    • Not yet, but that’s the plan for this year. Not only a good set of lesson plans, with rubric… but also quizzes across the board for all apps!

  15. Update the Flash videos the software right now is Animate and everything is pretty much different. P.S. The videos are great help.

    • Actually- everything should be pretty much the same- there were fewer changes in the app than in the others because of the rebrand. The new animate exam just came out, so we’re waiting for feedback before building the curriculum- So if you have specific input please let us know!

  16. If there was a subject about how to use After Effects it would be really helpful. I would like to pursue animation when I go to college.

    • Coming soon to a website near you… AND an exam through Certiport as well!! It’ll take time, but it’s on the radar! 🙂

  17. Any updates in the Adobe After Effects ?

    • We’re working with Adobe right now on creating new Objectives. That’s the first step. Once those are in place, then the test gets written and we record videos after the test is live to make sure we’re targeting all you need to know.

      When the test is live and available, we’ll have a set of tuts up a couple months after that!

  18. Could the comment order be reversed? The newest comment on top? Also, the search is missing on the site. I can’t get to the free stock photo page. Thanks!

    • Reversing comment order makes threads hard to follow, so we do things this way. It’s really not a discussion board, more of just feedback for us to help fix things for you guys!

      No search for students, but there is for teachers. Let me see if I can get it working for students…

      Free stock photos? Not sure which page you mean for that here.. but you can get one on brainbuffet at https://brainbuffet.com/design/free-stock-photos/

  19. Is there a place to find transcripts of the videos? I have a lot of students who could use a written transcript with images from the videos to utilize while working on the video projects.

    • Not yet, but we’re researching it. We just need to find a company that can do it for us at a price we can afford!

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