You can see your expiration date when you log in as a teacher. It will show on the front page of the site as well as at the bottom of every page. You MUST be signed in as a teacher to see this information, student accounts (ending in -stu) will not see the expiration dates.

We had a glitch in our system that did not expire old accounts and we just found it. If you feel like your account was shut off in error, please contact your sales rep at Certiport and find out when your last purchase was made. We need the order number, the date it was ordered, and your username at the site to fix any issues. Sorry for the confusion- we have had this glitch for years and just found it this past summer. 

We’ve worked out all the details according to Certiport Sales, so hopefully you’ve got things squared away!

Tutorial Updates

Happy New Year! We’re here to give you some updates on the new curriculum and let you know what’s happening behind the scenes. We’re pretty excited about changes in the works, and it’s in flux a little bit- but we’re working on improving your experience here at ACATestPrep/Brainbuffet.

One of the things that make our tutorials successful is that we’re engaged with the classroom. We’re all teachers, we know what you need, and we know how to teach to kids. We could crank out tutorials based on the objectives when a new test is announced- but then it would just be essentially the same tutorials as last year with no changes since the objectives never change. (They were reorganized this year, but nothing really changed except the order and format they are presented in- and some updates for web/Dreamweaver.)

We prefer to work on the exams when they go live and we get feedback from you guys about what we need to emphasize for your kids in class to get the best tutorials to meet the requirements of the real exam. So we always deliver a little later than the competition- but we feel much better tutorials that are most effective at helping pass rates on the exams.

With that being said- ALL of our tutorials for CC15 meet the objectives for CC18, and there are very few changes in the interface that need to be addressed. When there are, they’re often visual as described in this video from our CC15 Photoshop course. The software will change for the kids after they leave your room. Prep them now to adjust to these small changes and research how to adjust when it’s not super obvious.

Update Status:

Photoshop: Recording now- check out the samples on our new site coming this summer. We’d dig your feedback on the tutorials! Expected completion in Early Feb. (CC15 tutorials cover all the required concepts already)

Illustrator: We hear mixed reports about it working inconsistently still, but we’re working on the new tutorials beginning in a week. I won’t be recording them, but we have a great new trainer from our partnership with Adobe Press, Chad Chelius. Expected finish late February.

InDesign: Also in Progress already- Jon will be doing the updates. Expected finished in late February.

Premiere: Already finished- the courses on the site are ready for the CC18 exam when released! Joe helped in depth with the objectives restructuring and on the exams.

AfterEffects: Brand new exam, Joe worked on the exam and the objectives quite extensively, we’ll update if needed when the real thing goes live.

Animate– Will be released after the new exams go live. We’re not sure when that will happen. I heard the team is having a hard time getting those files to score.

Dreamweaver– Same as animate, we haven’t heard about much on the progress of the exam, so after it releases, we’ll update.

Brainbuffet Design Challenge

In our last update, we introduced the Brainbuffet Design Challenge, and we’re closing in on the January 15 deadline to enter. Here’s what we need to enter your play pieces:

  • Zip file containing the AI file with game pieces from your students, and an exported PNG with white background that is 300×300 pixels for each piece. If you printed it, send a pic of the final design also!
  • Name the files the same for each student entry.  Use your teacher account username at ACATestPrep and the student first name and period number (ZombieHigh-Joey3 for Joey in period 3). More than one joey in third period? Just add a letter at the end. Call the second entry from period 3 joey “ZombieHigh-Joey3a“.
    • Name all 3 files the same thing for the student’s entry. since they’re three different file types, they will live together peacefully. (, ZombieHigh-Joey3.png,

To turn in your items, you can USE THIS FORM or email/share a Google Drive folder of all of them in a single ZIP file for your school to We’ll collect them together, pick our faves, and share our top 10 when we give out the prizes.

BONUS POINTS!: Tweet or Instagram your entry to us, and include the hashtags #BBDC001 #ForTheKids when you tag us @brainbuffet.

Speaking of Prizes…

I’m becoming quite a minimalist. I love the freedom it gives me and I’m able to focus so much more on the things that matter. But I didn’t used to be.

So I have a lot of stuff. I want to get rid of it, but some might be interesting to you guys! Rather than the local goodwill, I’d like to make some contests where I give away some older gear or BrainBuffet swag to you guys. Is that cool or cheesy? Let us know on the form when you turn stuff in.

Awesome Resources from Adobe on Creative Problem Solving!

I also wanted to share with you guys this amazing set of resources about Creative Problem Solving from Adobe. Our classes help kids think. In my opinion, more than any other classes if done right! Our skills directly relate to jobs and our focus on creativity and problem solving over memorization are critical for a quickly changing world. Get more awesome resources at Adobe’s Creative Problem Solving page!