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March 2017 Updates

Ok... this one largely video. Check out the last update to get some tech details on what's happening here, but there's a lot of change to prep for some requested features and such that is largely invisible to you... details inside! Got 10 minutes? Check out the video...
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State of the ACATP Address

Hey everyone! There has been a TON going on behind the scenes- here's the scoop on what's happening and what's coming soon. Technical Additions/Changes: We have worked really hard to improve the user experience here lately. We've updated our servers, changed our...
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More Behind the Scenes.

Here's a winter update! Photoshop CC15 is up and done. We're adding quizzes and lesson plans- coming soon. I'm kinda spread thin as I'm also working on recording and editing the Illustrator tutorials. We are also working on helping increase site speed... lots of work...
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Updated PS CC15 goods

Hey guys.. just a quick note to let you know that PS CC15 project 3 is up and ready to roll. We'll be updating the quizzes after everything is recorded. There will be quizzes for every project in PS CC15 this year. After we record Illustrator, we'll be adding quizzes...
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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Wow- have we learned a lot. And it was from Failure! It often is, so don't fear it! The last week has been ROUGH. The site was experiencing a ton of failures, which ironically came from things we did that were supposed to improve the speed of the site! But after doing...
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