Photoshop tutorials that teach you the skills and the ACA Exam concepts without boring stuff.

Photoshop CC2015 Preview!


Adobe Premiere™ is the standard for producing professional video training for business, TV, and Film! Learn it all here!


Adobe Illustrator™ is the best application for logo design and branding.  Learn cool tricks and design skills in this tutorial series!



Build a website about monsters- Protect the world AND pass the ACA Exam!

Adobe InDesign Training


Adobe InDesign™ allows you to produce traditional print books and magazines, as well as interactive media for devices!



Our Brand new Flash™ tutorials help you prepare for Certification Exams while building cool apps for web, android, and iOS!


April Update 2016

Hey Guys! Check out this quick video to get the down-low on what’s happening now and what to expect in the near future!

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Stuff’s about to get REAL

So ACATestPrep has been around for about 6 years now. It started as a classroom project and website and slowly morphed into what it is today. But I haven’t morphed much yet…

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Find out more about our tutorials, and our packages for schools and institutions!

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There is nobody… NOBODY that has the proven track record of ACA Test Prep. And there are a couple reasons that we think they are so effective:

1. We have the best track record of any training company for the Certiport Adobe Certified Associate Exams. Thirteen out of the top fifteen schools last we checked!

2. We don’t bore the snot out of students. Sure, it’s not every teacher’s style, but the students love the tutorials… Well, at least more than others.

3. Our projects flow. We make sure that the projects are fun, cool projects to do. No disjointed learning that doesn’t matter. Projects that you can use. And something to show mom and dad when you’re done!

It’s easy.

We don’t bore the snot out of our viewers. We’ve done extensive research and we can’t find a single piece of peer-reviewed research that says that training and educational materials have to completely and utterly bore the snot out of you! The research doesn’t exist.

Here’s what does exist. A track record. NOBODY is responsible for more certifications than ACA Test Prep and its trainers. All of our trainers are Adobe Education leaders or have been in the  top 5 certifying teachers at least three years. And nobody gets the feedback that we do from students.  We’re still in the classroom- and we know what works and what doesn’t.

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Curious about what it’s like inside? No problem! The first 3 videos of Project 1, the first two videos of project 2, and the first video of every other project are open to the public so you can check it out! Poke around and get a feeling for the style and delivery of the projects. The curriculum DOES prepare you for the ACA exam- we’ve taken care of that!

You can visit the pages for each app above and check out the titles of our projects, or just hop on over to the “Test Drive” page and that links directly to all of our free videos!  You’ll be able to get a feeling for the vibe of the videos- we specialize in “Not Boring!” These videos are designed for people who want to learn and have a good time doing it!!!


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