Not Boring

Not Boring

We know… Training tutorials can be BORING. And it’s never fun to learn something that’s not engaging. That’s why ACA Test Prep tutorials are focused on cool projects and engaging delivery.

It was a special cross-breeding scientific experiment where we bred action movies, a comedy special, and recombined them with DNA from a T-Rex with ninja training.

Lock In Passing Scores

Lock In Passing Scores

It’s simple math… Seven of the top ten schools in certifying students for the Adobe Certified Associate Exams use our tutorials. Literally thousands of students are certified using our tutorials.

It wouldn’t be completely true to say that all the cool kids are using them… But aside from Jedi Padawan- All the cool kids are using them.

Now Future Proof

Now Future Proof

We’ve developed some amazing new resources and are constantly improving. With the release of this website, we’re ipad and tablet friendly, on a new platform that’s more secure and offers much more power behind the scenes.

Soon we’ll be rolling out even more features and resources for subscribers… Sneak peek coming soon!

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  • Why Us?
  • Track Record

It’s easy.

We don’t bore the snot out of our viewers. We’ve done extensive research and we can’t find a single piece of peer-reviewed research that says that training and educational materials have to completely and utterly bore the snot out of you. The research doesn’t exist.

Here’s what does exist. A track record. NOBODY is responsible for more certifications than ACA Test Prep and its trainers. All of our trainers have been in the  top 5 certifying teachers at least three years. And nobody gets the feedback that we do from students.  We’re still in the classroom- and we know what works and what doesn’t. 

There is nobody… NOBODY that has the proven track record of ACA Test Prep. And there are a couple reasons that we think they are so effective:

1. We have the best track record of any training company for the ACA. Seven of the top 10 ACA Certifying schools in the world use our tutorials.

2. We don’t bore the snot out of students. Sure, it’s not every teacher’s style, but the students love the tutorials… Well, at least more than others.

3. Our projects flow. We make sure that the projects are fun, cool projects to do. No disjointed learning that doesn’t matter. Projects that you can use.

You helped me pass the photoshop certification and I have had 3 students pass the ACA Photoshop Certification, so far. We have to give the exam one at a time because of our infastructure at the school. But for our small community it is a huge success!!!

Neil Graves